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What am I buying?

What am I buying?

Buying a product

This means anything on the shop or any item which is tangible that you pay for.

If you chose the payment option to transfer via BSB and Account Number, please email me a screenshot of the receipt to ensure fastest postage.

Returns are accepted for change of mind and payment will be returned once the product has arrived in the same condition it was sent, at the postage cost to the consumer. If you have used or damaged the product (my colouring book, for example), refunds will not be accepted. For prints (now discontinued), please be careful when rolling them up, prints with creases in them will not receive a refund.

Please feel free to enquire about a product you can’t find on the website.

Paintings will be sold with a certificate of authenticity, copyright owned by Vanessa Tia Stefanova no products are to be duplicated. 

Digital Artwork Metal Prints are printed on aluminium with the artwork’s ink being infused into the metal (it’s not a sticker) to ensure longevity, they’re sold with a hanging system and signed on the back.

Artwork Photo Prints (now discontinued) are printed on 270gsm quality photo paper with a pearlescent finish. The large prints are printed at 150dpi (it’s a designer thing). Signed on the back.

These products are listed on various websites (under an account in the name of Neska Designs/ Vanessa Tia Stefanova) and their commission is added to the cost.

Design service

This means anything on the rates page or calculated hourly.

I live off my art now so I don’t really do much design work anymore although below is the gist. Email me to discuss a task.

Depending on the service you request you will receive anything quoted on the invoice, if it’s not on the invoice, it isn’t expected to be provided.

All design services (anything on an hourly or daily rate) are subjective and you are paying for the time spent creating the work, not the final product. The product is supplied as a result of the service and therefore isn’t refundable.

Source files (PSD’s, AI, INDD etc.) aren’t supplied unless discussed and quoted for, each source file is the cost of the labour to create it.