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I’ve been learning about artists in history and recently that’s included Caravaggio, the first portrait I read about of his was ‘Self Portrait as Bacchus’. I found it pretty funny that he painted himself as the god of wine so casually and with such skill. Along with other documented events like ripping into Baglione and trying to make it back to Rome after raising his status, it seems like Caravaggio really too the piss at some things although when I learnt about his all people would mention about his character were that Caravaggio was “tortured”. It’s safe to say that people have more than one emotion so I decided to paint Caravaggio as a clown – no one lives their lives being in a tortured mood 24/7.

I couldn’t really pinpoint aspects of his face because I worked off two portraits that honestly look different and differ in age, although the face is only 2-3cm big so that’s alright. I painted the chair to not make sense on purpose and the light source is a canvas, the positive part in life he can rely on. I painted his left arm as a long red fabric because he includes those in many of his artworks and also metaphorical for blood on his hands. I painted the door open, as if we’re looking into his life and one shoe because from what I’ve read he’s pretty gross.

Overall I’d rushed this painting a bit as ironically I’d made a killer week of artwork sales and organising them intervened with painting this one. I’m firm on finishing them when I decide they’ll be finished, this is a reflection of my skill and environment at the time.

This artwork is hand-stretched, hooks will be attached on sale and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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