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Prior to this artwork I accidentally attracted one bee that visited on the daily, that bee then brought it’s friend and word spread and now I have a crew that spends their days on my balcony. I’ve heard around that bees are becoming extinct so I looked into it (wanting to feed them what they should be eating) and learnt that honey bee’s aren’t facing extinction at all and they’re not that great at pollinating. Other bee species are great pollinators, don’t make honey and can come in cool colours… I’ve been saving the wrong species. Here we are trying to spread awareness about bee extinction but when most people hear “bee” they think honey bee, most people don’t know other bee species exist, and if we don’t believe they even exist then what’s the difference to us when they’re extinct?

That venture lead to this painting, in terms of skill I really struggled since it’s so far from my style. The blue Mason Bee fights the Honey Bee for it’s place in the world. I decided to paint it’s wings as bubbles since this bee is fantasy to most people anyway.

This artwork is hand-stretched, hooks will be attached on sale and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 3 × 30.5 cm


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