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I can’t say I’m a fan of nostalgia and especially not a fan of people who reach out from a place of nostalgia, it makes me uncomfortable. One main reason for experiencing nostalgia is the brains coping mechanism, if you’re feeling down, the brain will likely bring up nostalgic memories to cope. So I feel like it’s a big red flag when people pop up out of no where, I’m not sure about other people although it happens about every 3 months for me so I made a painting about being on the receiving end.

The left side of the painting is me and a very realistic colour scheme, I have a home with some pretty cool curtains and a few cow hides so I made a funkier version. Teal is also my favourite colour. I painted the cut cord of a phone one my end of the painting and a skeleton reaching out holding a phone on the other side. Bubbles floating in the air because I feel like bubbles are enjoyable to have around and I’m having a good time. On the right side of the painting there are some coloured skeletons, if you watch the recording of the painting you’ll see I played around with grey skeletons covered in flowers and decided against it. Coloured, somewhat like plastic dolls. I decided to paint the lighting on this side as if you’re looking through a rainbow, party lighting. These people tend to enter my life with no warning and barging in disturbing whatever I have going on as if they’re a fun gift for me, only to realise I’m a mask for whatever issues they have going on ready to suck me in. The skeletons are holding onto each-other because it feels like once you let one in, a million others follow.

Depending on how you look at the pink skeleton in the centre, it’s either looking directly at you or at the ground.

Sold with hooks ready to hang, hand stretched and a certificate of authenticity!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 1.7 × 100 cm


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