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This is a painting that I began painting with the idea to create a cactus print on a pear and a cow hide print on a cactus, these ideas came to mind from past paintings such as ‘Fruits of My Labour’ and ‘Trauma’. I began with that idea as I’ve just started a new, more fine roll of canvas and a perfect opportunity to work on more details! By the time I’d worked through the painting I ended up using colours I’m not a fan of (the red hue orange) and ended up going with it by adding a sheer plastic.

I use the cactus and cowhide pears in my paintings to represent yourself, this time with lollipops in it representing my projects reminiscent of the representation of Mercury (reddish-orange) and the plastic is the retrograde. If you’re into astrology then you’d know that Mercury retrograde puts a halt on things so this is how I wanted to represent that.

Sold with hooks ready to hang, hand stretched and a certificate of authenticity!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 3 × 40.5 cm


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