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Anyone can be an artist with these books.

I’ve now created colouring in books for people to colour in my artworks! This edition is based on digital artworks created mostly in 2021 (and earlier).

When I was younger I really disliked how colouring in books had very thick black lines.. impressing no one with my final result. So I created a book with thin, greyed out lines so that the final result looks like an actual drawing, like the blurb “instead of pretending to be amazed at a colouring book, you’ll say “wow!” and really mean it!”.

There’s no age or gender target here, I ran a focus group and found that the people who enjoy the books most are those who enjoy sitting down and focusing on one thing for a little bit, artistic people and those wanting a challenge.

Don’t trust my website?? All good! I’ve listed the book on other websites plus their commission. eBay (2021 edition link) and Amazon.


The books have the following features:
– Greyed out lines so the user can feel like their final image looks actually drawn!
– Spiral bound so the user can lie it flat without effort.
– Reference images on the left, either to use as a guide or use as they wish!
– 1mm covers so the user can colour on a solid surface when they’re on the go.
– Recycled paper
– 120gsm page thickness

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 1 × 25 cm


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