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I created this painting with the idea in mind that I’ll paint a very tall giraffe although aimed to avoid using pink, after painting the giraffe in green it looked like a dinosaur so I had to re-evaluate and landed on pink anyway. Since the giraffe ended up in the outfit it did, the painting ended up becoming much more festive than I expected. I also painted birds to turn into banana’s as they fly around the giraffe although feel like that may have been a subconscious link to the birds in Donkey Kong Country 3, a game I played a lot when I was younger. They certainly seemed familiar for some reason!

The road mimics an idea I had for a digital artwork created a few years back (roughly 2020) where I took the road lines and turned them into lasers, like this painting. This time I decided that the entire scene needs to be filled with activities so I submerged the road underwater and turned the giraffes head into a sinking balloon. I painted the balloon clear to mimic a state of mind when going for a stroll on a lovely sunny day. Careless, despite any obstacles on the main road of your day.

This artwork is hand-stretched, hooks will be attached on sale and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 3 × 51 cm


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