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My 2022 new years resolution had been to counteract my contribution to landfill by saving items being thrown out that could be recycled at the recycling center, scrap metal or weren’t rubbish and could be sold. I ended up defeating my net zero landfill goal and saving carloads more than I threw out, and as a result it really brings me down to see piles of landfill contributions that could have been avoided with minimal effort.

As I continued to see piles of “trash” I wondered what the difference is between throwing something out into landfill and digging up a hole and burying in your backyard. I can only think of one difference, convenience. If you didn’t have the option to bury your unwanted items elsewhere, would you put more effort into disposing of them properly, would this have a chain reaction on the consumer culture? I painted a fence for this, one side is your backyard and the other is the countries backyard. I painted items which don’t belong in landfill emerging from gaps in the land. Some items even with tags, just like real life. I also included dead leaves and the hole where the items fall in and out of as a wormhole.

This probably wont be my final artwork on landfill, having already made on on how canvas prints contribute, although this is the one I’ve made for now.

This artwork is one of my hand-stretched ones, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 3 × 25 cm


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