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I’ve had this painting in mind for a very long time although only just got around to it, in my head I imagined just one pear but thats not how I did it when it came to painting it.

It’s a scale in the form of a painting. I’ve met people, not recently, who brag about how bad they are at art, and I agree that you can’t be taught how to art, you’re either born with the genetic make-up or not. Although in saying that I believe that even if you suck, the fact that you have hands and can brush your teeth competently means that you can make basic shapes and shading with a little motivation. On the left of the artwork I painted as if I had no motivation and no talent, gradually increasing the level of recognition to end up with what it would look like when painting with talent and motivation (ignoring abstract, impressionism, figurative styles etc.). I then played with it and changed the colours and placed the pears up the wall and turned the curtain to water because I’m a surrealist, and my skills allow me to.

I also found it interesting that while painting it I realised pears are more yellow than green.

Oil based, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 3 × 51 cm


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