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I’m minding my own business a lot of the time. This guy who wasn’t felt like stirring the pot so I made an artwork with the following thought. My Bumble account clearly displays that I’m interested in astrology, it eloquently counteracts the motorbike so the guys interested for the wrong reasons tend to be scared off by the astrology. A guy one day thought he’d take that into account and begin arguing at me… At.

He sent photos intended to offend any religion but he didn’t understand that astrology isn’t a religion. So it felt like arguing with an idiot since he had no idea what he was so against, repeatedly emphasising he’s an atheist. After that I really wondered, why are these atheists so insistent on converting people with beliefs, they’re trying to use reason but faith isn’t based on reason… It’s purely belief so you can’t argue with science.

The thought then continues to where you see this artwork, people who truely believe in something have a sense of everything being fine, and just a bit rocky on the way. I feel like I can blindly follow my gut knowing my career will work out because I believe the universe has my back. So how are these people living their lives if they don’t have any faith that they’re here for a reason. I painted a brick path leading into a ditch, behind it a rose coloured glass wall where the people who do believe make the leap and land. Tear drops are scattered everywhere around the landscape, the universe is crying. I also believe that it’s important to be kind since we’re a communal species and literally work together to continue living. If someone’s going around mindlessly attacking others, intending to shatter their sense of purpose the world is affected through a chain reaction. So this is the atheists making the universe cry.

This artwork isn’t one of my hand-stretched ones, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity.

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Dimensions 30.5 × 1.7 × 23 cm


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