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After some indecision with the concept on this artwork I’d watched a Tom Cruise interview being analysed and the journalist brought up confirmation bias; going into your research on a topic only to confirm your opinion. So I decided to play with this idea. You may look at this artwork and see the floating circles creating a large cylinder shape, or you might see them as a flat mesh of circles pivoting on their own axis, you might even decide that they aren’t circles and some are ellipses. The next decision the viewer would make is to look for other elements in the artwork to give confirm whichever opinion they’ve set on. I haven’t included any hints to which is what, so, to mimic anyones real life research to confirm their bias on anything it’s up to you to see what’s not intentionally there to confirm what you see and the environment is the same for everyone.

This artwork is one of my hand-stretched ones, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25.5 × 1.7 × 30.5 cm


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