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I decided to paint this painting after watching a string of documentaries, by chance I watched Michelangelo after de Vinci and feel like I already knew they shared a lifetime although just found it interesting. Since they weren’t friends I decided to paint them having a battle.

I covered the floor in each of their most famous painting, ironically that seems to be the territory they fought over, yet neither of them reported to enjoy painting. The sky on da Vinci’s side is darker, as If the suns set on him, Michelangelo is on a platform, as if it’s similar to the one he painted the Sistine Chapel on, fighting with his statue of David. De Vinci (the man on the ground) fights wearing the armour he designed and also uses some weapons he designed.

Hand stretched, sold with a certificate of authenticity and hooks ready to hang! Not framed and oil based.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 3 × 35.5 cm


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