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While painting a previous painting Michael Jackson came on the radio and with the general “politically correct” vibe of western societies right now an idea came to mind to paint a spiky lake that would feel very uncomfortable to swim in. I don’t believe it’s politically correct to go around correcting people who’ve been brought up in a way that their language isn’t used in an offensive manner.

I painted the lake as it is because it feels like people are silenced very quickly, the swim is too spiky. I also painted the fence around it because there’s no standing up for yourself with these people and I attached moons to the fence because in astrology the moon represents emotions. Since being politically correct is a great outlet to project your own grievances on others.

This artwork is hand-stretched, hooks will be attached on sale and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 3 × 30 cm


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