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This is an artwork I created early on in my October Challenge and the idea popped into mind right after finishing a recent digital artwork, ‘How Rainbows Are Made’, I wanted to continue the idea of the cloud spitting out colours yet entirely focus on that as the artwork on its own.

About the material it’s printed on:
This digital artwork print uses a special technology where the ink is infused into the metal (no worries about people pulling the sticker off!) I chose a material that’s both durable and will last an exceptionally long time as well as thinking about the environmental repercussions should it ever become damaged (with a tornado). I encourage buyers to repurpose the artwork or give it to a scrap metal place should a natural disaster hit.

I personally have my own living outside in the harsh Australian climate to look at while eating breakfast and it looks as good as ever.

You also don’t need to worry about purchasing a frame as I sell them with a hanging system. If you have a specific size you want to fit, let me know and we can organise it.

What am I buying?

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 1.5 × 30 cm
Which Size?

Large 120cm x 80cm, Medium 60cm x 40cm, Small 30cm x 20cm


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