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This is a painting of a pear with a cow hide skin growing from a hand shaped tree with sparkles on it, the inside of the pear has a ladder and birds flying from it.

I had this canvas sitting waiting to be started and I just decided that I wanted to paint a pear with a cow hide skin in a dim setting, I had no intention with meaning behind it, so like a viewer seeing the painting for the first time I decided what it meant for me after I completed it.

I’m a big fan of cow hides, using the whole cow. I have a few and to me they’re a medal, like when you make one the star of you’re home you’re showing off the sacrifices the cow made throughout it’s life, I painted (and own) holstein cow hides which is the cow that produces milk, so the idea of how many babies and people in general that cow gave it’s nutrients to and the hard work comes to mind when I wonder about a life it would have had.

Pears in my paintings also play along with the metaphor when people say something went “pear shaped”. So I personally see it that the pear is the life/home I’m building through my hand crafted career.

Oil Based, signed with a certificate of authenticity and ready to hang.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 92 × 3 × 92 cm


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