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I was listening to a video about Magritte one day and the narrator dropped the comment that surrealists tend to be interested in psychology. I agree with that, I’m a surrealist and I find it fascinating how people act, not in a pop-psychology-internet-article kind of way, in a way that I’ll borrow books that are referenced in uni degree’s and understand you can’t just go around diagnosing people. Time is limited for this activity though.

A few years back, around 26, I learnt that creativity is the brain making connections between parts of the brain. Where other people who aren’t creative don’t make those connections. Until I learnt that I genuinely believed people were being lazy when they’d say things like “How do you think of that?”… In my mind, you just stop and think for two seconds, get a grip. Then I continued on and learnt about synesthesia and have a personal theory that’s just intense creativity.

All very interesting. Then that comes to the art, just an extension of how I think and representative of how I see things. So here I painted my thoughts and ideas falling through the roof of my mind and entering the real world. The items that represent my ideas then begin to die, “How high are you?”, “It’s so abstract!”. There’s also a reference to a digital artwork I created. Some hands reach out wanting to share the ideas. People don’t tend to look at the artwork and guess what I’m conveying with it, of coarse! That would be quite a party trick, like reading my mind. But the wonderful thing about art is that everyone sees something individual in each artwork and they personalise it. 
It becomes a lovely plot twist that the artworks enter the real world to die, then rebirth in a new way for each individual. I find it so interesting that people break down historic artists artworks and label what they were thinking, without descriptions you just don’t know… Bosch.

This artwork is one of my hand-stretched ones, sold with hooks ready to hang and a certificate of authenticity.

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Dimensions 32.58 × 1.7 × 26 cm


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