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This painting is one of the eleven/twelve that I tried painting in a week, most of them made the deadline and this is the first one I’m showing off from that adventure. Since I have no grasp on time this is another painting I used to express my feelings on time.

On my list I originally planned to paint the painting with the clock hands outward like a books pages flipping through the wind, instead as I created it I decided to have them floating throughout the artwork, each hand is a person since we all interpret time at a difference pace (literally, that’s a fact) some of the handles are bogged down by sheets of water that I like to paint. I’s started painting an egg although when I came back to the painting after my other eleven I couldn’t remember why so I ended up turning it into a silhouette of me from the back. It’s a coincidence that XII sits above that (my birthday date). I chose to paint the numbers as birds since birds are also hard to get a grip on.

This artwork is hand-stretched, hooks will be attached on sale and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 1.5 × 32.5 cm


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